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  • Leading innovation

    Leading innovation

    Discover the hidden you. Once a term, we assess every student based on a well-defined set of parameters ranging from academic performance to Emotional Intelligence (EI)
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  • Strong Foundation

    Strong Foundation

    Our primary goal is to create the doers, the achievers and the leaders of TOMORROW.

A world-class education for every child on the planet

SRV believes that education is not confined to the class room. Academic excellence alone is not enough to have a wholesome life. The children need to be equipped to deal with tough real life situations. They have to be guided in exploring the finer aspects of life. They are to learn to co-exist peacefully. Importantly, they have to know how to build harmonious relationships with peers and others.


    For birthdays, our students are required to plant a tree on campus or contribute a book to the library. This way, students learn that birthdays can also be a day of giving.


    It is a fact that some students tend to lead others and set examples for others to emulate them. Be it academics, neatness, discipline or administrative activity, outstanding acts imply leadership qualities. Such students have the potential to become the vanguards of the society later in their life. These potential vanguards need to be spotted and encouraged to set benchmarks for their peers.

    So, we have devised a system in which credit points are awarded when a good deed is done and the points are added up to culminate in ‘Vanguard of Tomorrow’ Certificate. In addition, overall academically meritorious students are presented with ‘Harvest Awards’ to spur them to reach for the stars.


    We have a credit point system wherein students are awarded points for discipline, punctuality, neatness and consistent academic performance. When the points add up, they are awarded as credit cards to students during assembly. Owning a credit card is a matter of great pride for every SRVian.


    Every morning , our students look forward enthusiastically to the assembly, It's a time of solace and communion, just before the humdrum of the day's activities begin. The achievements of our students and teachers are celebrated during the assembly.

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