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The Teachers

Ultimately, it is the committed teacher who not only initiates the academic voyage of the students but also pilots it and lands them safely on the shores of wisdom. So, much care goes into our identifying the right teachers, recruiting them and indoctrinating them continuously so that they epitomize the values SRV stands for. Their passion for teaching, professional qualifications, deep knowledge of their subjects and their ability to participate in teaching-learning process are the only considerations based on which teachers are recruited. No recommendation whatsoever is entertained.  

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled - "Plutarch"

Post-recruitment, the teachers are mentored to empathise with the students and create an ambience wherein the students feel enthused to learn and to interact with the teachers uninhibitedly. The teacher – student bond is built on love and mutual respect.

The Academic Council

  • We have a 2-tiered Academic Council.

The Academic Council of the School consists of the Principal, Vice Principals, Heads of Department, Deputy Heads of Department and Management Representatives. Each academic year, this council formulates the educational plan and the implementation schedule for the entire school.

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery - "Mark von Doren"

The lower tier of the academic council is constituted department wise. Each departmental academic council consists of the Head of Department, Deputy Head of Department and members drawn from the subject teachers of KG to Class XII. This Council oversees the academic growth of the students, teaching-learning processes, quality of resource material and conduct of examinations. In-depth planning, implementation and day to day supervision are done by this council.

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