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Start them young. Start them right. Start them at SRV and watch them reach for the skies.

  • Smart Classrooms

    Technology driven classrooms with innovative digital boards for imparting education by our unique Differentiated Instructional Plan.

  • Toy Library

    Amazing collection of toys for toddlers. Includes building blocks, puzzles, mind games, Here the kids love to learn the fun way

  • Kids Play Area

    With spaciously laid out swings, slides and merry-go-rounds, a favorite destination for the Kindergarten and Primary schoolers.

  • Library

    Well-stocked with educational as well as recreational books.

  • Language lab

    Language lab for advanced learning of other languages with the aid of audio-visual equipment

  • Science lab

    Science lab cum classroom, continuously upgraded, to learn biology, physics and chemistry through live experiments

  • Maths lab

    Maths lab for better understanding of the complex theoretical concepts and also to fully grasp everyday maths

  • Computer lab

    Computer lab, well-furnished and equipped, not only to explain the inner workings of the computer but also to impart knowledge of computer applications that make everyday life easy.

  • Assessment of the Young Explorers

    The academic year is divided into 2 terms.

    Periodical class room assessments will be held to find out the scope for improvement and give a continuous feedback to the students.

    At the end of the First Term, there will be a Half-Yearly Examination and the Second Term will be followed by the Annual Examination.

    These term end examinations are the culminations of the learning and testing. Based on the performance, the students will be suitably guided and counseled.

  • LSRW

    Languages are taught to impart Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) Skills. We provide opportunities to improve LSRW skills not only in Tamil and English but also in other languages that the students opt to learn. During their scholastic voyage with SRV, the students make great strides in this aspect.

  • Reading is Mapping the New Worlds

    Reading affords perceptions to an extent that cannot be realized through other means. It is no wonder that SRV has made reading the bedrock of its instructional plan. The students are encouraged to make reading their second nature – from reading the daily newspaper to be abreast of the current events to international classics that walk the students through every aspect of life. We also inculcate in them the habit of narrating stories in Tamil and English, to help them gain command over languages and be fluent in verbal communication.

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