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Gross Motor Skill Development Activity

A motor skill is simply an action that involves your baby using his muscles. Gross motor skills are larger movements your baby makes with his arms, legs, feet, or his entire body. So crawling, running, and jumping are gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are smaller actions.

It is essential to help the small children to develop their gross motor skills which involve the movement of the large muscles of arms, legs and torso. These skills enable the coordination of muscles during the everyday activities like walking, running, sitting, crawling and others.To facilitate learning to coordinate the muscles well, the children of the KG were made to go through a number of activities.

The first activity was hopping. Children were given large rings and they were asked to spread them out on the ground. Then theywere made to jump from one ring to another. The second activity was movementof hands. Children were given tyres and sticks. They were made to roll the tyres around, using the sticks to control the direction of the tyres. The third activity was a square maze drawn on the ground. Children were asked to find a route through the maze from a start point to a finish point. These activities made the children become aware of the vital importance of developing their muscles.

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